Increasing the efficiency of water well regeneration with ultrasound by using acoustic transducers consisting of elements in flexural vibration


  • A. Petrauskas


water well regeneration, ultrasound, high energy ultrasound, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic transducer in flexural vibration, circular plate in flexural vibration, intense ultrasonic fields, flexural vibrations, elements in flexural vibrations,


In this article of principle construction of water wells and their regeneration methods are discussed. Commonly occurring reasons of water well obstruction are described and presented. The regeneration process of water wells using ultrasound is examined in detail along with the benefits of using this method. The regenerating process of ultrasound is possible because of cavitation effect. The process of cavitation is described and illustrated. Methods of generating ultrasound are presented. Implemented examples of actual regeneration systems are also described and presented along with their technical parameters. Possible improvements to increase the efficiency of these regeneration systems are given. This is achieved by using ultrasonic transducers in flexural vibration. The property of flexural vibrations to radiate energy at an angle, depending on the velocity of flexural wave in the operating element of the transducer can be used to significantly increase the effectiveness of the ultrasonic method for well regeneration. Diagrams for composite ultrasonic transducers with transformation of vibrations are given to illustrate the process of transforming longitudinal vibrations into flexural vibrations. The benefits of such transformation of vibrations are explained. Sources of information for various designs of composite acoustic transducers are also presented.